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TOP 12: Credit Robots | Loans without checks (2019).

At least a few dozen banking jobs have been closed since the launch of the credit bot. This technical innovation independently makes a decision on the approval of loans, based on certain basic algorithms built into its system stuffing. Below we will analyze in more detail how the credit robot works, and in which TOP-12 microfinance organizations, it is the bot, and not the employee, who approves the loan without failure.

How does a credit robot work?

How does a credit robot work?

The essence of the work of the credit robot is based on the fact that the data completed by the client on the site are sent immediately to him in the system. Based on the built-in decision algorithm, in a few minutes he analyzes more than 1000 factors of the received appeal and immediately issues a decision – whether to approve the loan to the user who has applied to the bank or not.

A credit robot is already used in most financial institutions that are part of the banking system of Russia, as it significantly reduces the cost of maintaining staff.

For example, in Sberbank, as its head German Gref notes, already 80% of applications are approved by the bot in automatic mode for a loan.

The system is much more stable than managers, since it works around the clock in the same rhythm. Online loan robot makes a decision in a few minutes. If necessary, he can consider more than 100 thousand calls per day.

In case of approval of the appeal, the credit robot transfers the requested amount to a card or other convenient way for the client.

The duration of crediting funds to the account depends on the selected payment system.

Advantages of a Credit Robot

Advantages of a Credit Robot

There are 4 key reasons to apply for a loan in those MFIs where the loan robot analyzes the clients ’appeals:

  1. The human factor is completely excluded, the treatment is considered automatically.
  2. The client receives the answer within a few minutes (it often takes longer to send a notification by decision than the processing of the application itself).
  3. Applications for a microloan bot accepts around the clock.
  4. Calm – you will not be bothered by the calls of managers with countless inquiries.

Thus, it can be noted that if a client takes money where the robot makes a decision, he will save a lot of his time and will receive money online or in cash as soon as possible.

Consider the fact that not every one of the most popular MFIs in Russia, where automatic processing of the appeal is provided, is right for you.

A large number of representatives of the above list contain hidden conditions in their proposals, which are usually indicated in small print in the contract. At first glance, everything seems profitable, but exactly as long as the borrower expires on the date of payment of the microloan.

Based on reviews and a detailed analysis of the conditions, we conclude that the MFO Seloan offers the most understandable and transparent conditions. The features of this offer will be discussed in more detail below.

Best Offer among MFIs – Seloan

Best Offer among MFIs - Seloan

Seloan is considered the first service in Russia to fully process loan applications in a fully automated mode. You can get money through it any day and any time. There are no days off or holidays in this MFI.

The urgent need for finance is resolved in 10 minutes. You leave a request on the site, after which the Seloan bot analyzes it based on 1800 different factors. As a result, the system automatically notifies you of the decision made and it remains only to sign the contract.

The minimum loan amount is 2 000 $, the maximum – 30 000 $. Money can be received online or in cash at the points of issue of the Contact system.

Credit history is not the main thing

Even with a negative credit history, the chances of a microloan in the Seloan are still quite high. Moreover, this service will even help to improve it, if of course you want to.

A responsible approach to fulfilling obligations will help to correct the credit history and get finances by instant crediting to a card or in another convenient way.

If you do not have time to pay the debt on time, you can extend the contract. Of course, the interest accumulated during this time will need to be compensated.

To get money you only need a passport!

Interesting! It should be borne in mind that crediting funds (paying off debts) to an account can take several business days.

Seloan openly warns customers about this on his website in order to avoid misunderstandings that entail unforeseen expenses for paying interest and the loan body.

Seloan approves 81% of applications

The simplicity and clarity of the proposal had a positive effect on the popularity of MFIs in the Russian market. Every day, the company’s robot approves more than 1000 calls. Moreover, the number of failures is minimal – 81% of customers receive a loan.

For Seloan Robot to accept an application for a loan, the client must be an adult citizen of the Russian Federation. From the documents you need only a passport.

Results: the best credit robot and MFIs

Results: the best credit robot and MFIs

Less than 10 minutes will be required for advanced Internet users and a bit more for those who are using a computer with “you” to borrow money online in Seloan through a credit robot. If you need cash, then add some more time to get to the nearest finance outlet in your city.

To summarize the proposal from this microfinance organization:

  • Up to 30 000 $ at a rate of 0.63% per day;
  • A microloan is issued online or in cash;
  • Only a passport is needed;
  • 81% of applications are approved;
  • Credit history is not the main factor in the selection of applications, another 1800 others are taken into account;
  • Instant crediting of finances to MasterCard, Visa and MIR cards;
  • Top offer in Russia.

How to get money in Seloan

How to get money in Seloan

To receive financial assistance, you need to perform 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the company.
  2. Register with your contacts and passport details.
  3. Choose a way to get money.
  4. Check the decision of the loan robot on your application in your account.
  5. Sign the contract using SMS code.

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