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Bank Credit Card Terms of Service.

Lendoff Bank has earned the name of a loyal lender whose services many customers can use. The bank carries out its work remotely, the branch is present only in Moscow. Applications for a loan or a Lendoff credit card are filled out online.

Card with borrowed funds

Card with borrowed funds

If the decision is positive, the card with the borrowed funds is delivered to any place convenient for the client. Lendoff does not require confirmation of solvency. Even unofficially employed clients can take money. The Bank gives a chance to borrowers with a negative credit history to correct their situation, however, the approved limit in this case will not be high.

Lendoff credit card is issued on the following conditions

Lendoff credit card is issued on the following conditions

  • The limit is up to 300 thousand USD. If the initially approved limit does not suit you, then after 6 months of active use of a credit card, you can leave a request for an increase in the size of the loan. Not infrequently, the bank itself takes the initiative and raises the initial limit by 20-30%;
  • Annual maintenance is 590 USD;
  • Interest-free installments in the network of partners up to 12 months. Cardholders can save on overpayments and purchase the right product without interest. You can clarify the list of affiliate program participants on the bank’s website;
  • Interest rates charged on cash withdrawals and card purchases vary. When concluding a loan agreement, the conditions for calculating interest will be spelled out.

A favorable incentive program allows you to return part of the money spent. For any purchases, 1% is charged if a product or service is purchased as part of special offers, up to 30% can be returned to the account. With his points, the client can subsequently compensate for expenses in restaurants, cafes and other points of public catering, or send them to pay for railway tickets. The bonus program will allow you to pay back the annual maintenance fee.

Lendoff credit card holders can pay loans at third-party banks and not pay 120 days interest on the transfer amount. A great option, when the salary is still far away, and the date of the next loan payment comes in 2-3 days. You can manage your account through online banking or mobile applications. In your personal account you will see all the information on existing loans at Lendoff Bank: payment dates, debt balance, bonus balance.




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