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Austrian mortgage loan Austrian Credit

Mortgage loan is one of the best known, oldest, most popular forms of credit. Superlatives could be enhanced, but the point is the same: mortgages are the best loans.


The Austrian bank thus enjoys full protection

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As if the debtor fails to pay, he simply sells the collateral. The debtor can do no more than is usually the case, either to avenge the pledge or to take out as much money as he can, or at least partially sell it.

In order to make a thoughtful change, it is advisable to pay close attention to letters and mail from your bank and read them carefully. For more details and accurate information, ask the lender bank for a personal quote. By switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate loan, you can ensure the predictability and predictability of the future, thereby contributing to financial stability, so everyone should think twice!

 The truth is that there has been deflation in the eurozone between summer and October this year, that is, prices have fallen and salaries, wages and so on for those who pay with the euro. worth more than before.

Basically, there are two main groups:

money loan

One given the credit property (such classic Austrian credit with which our company is also engaged), and the other given the tangible reality of credit. Pawnshops operate on exactly this basis, of course no pawnshop will remember anyone hearing about an Austrian mortgage, even though the money they receive there is actually a small amount and usually on very poor terms. 

Credit institutions often reject a mortgage loan application if the real estate object of the application is in another country, or if the claimant does not live or receive income in the same country where the credit institution operates. However, they must not discriminate on the basis of their nationality with residents of other EU Member States.

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